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Thomas Janukowicz, Jr. Founder/Owner

An avid fly-fisherman and tier for over 30 years Tom has achieved many things on his journey. At the ripe old age of 7, Tom received certification by the United Fly Tiers Association. At this time, Tom was the youngest person to ever obtain certification by the UFTA. Certified to do WHAT, he’s not sure. But this did not stop Tom from spending every free moment crawling around some body of water or glued tightly to a fly tying vise.

Because of Tom’s obsession with fly fishing he attended numerous Fly Fishing Shows! At one such show he met Bob Mead. They immediately hit it off! After seeing Tom’s flies, Bob said “you should set up your own display at the next show -- show your work!” And that’s exactly what Tom did – 5 years ago! Bearskin Outfitters was born!

Since then he has been fortunate enough to partner with Hemingway’s Fly Fishing – some of the finest fly tying products, materials, and gear.

Teddy Bear Janukowicz Josh aka “Bearskin

Teddy Bear Janukowicz Josh aka “Bearskin

Bearskin is not only this company’s namesake, but also a major fly contributor! He has great dubbing material on his backside! He definitely embodies what we “fly fishermen” seek – appreciation of our surroundings, love of life, and awareness of the need for tranquility!